It's Bath Time!

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Whether you dislike the task or enjoy the time you spend with your dog & cat, bathing your pet can be quite the chore. 
To make this situation even worse, if you are in the first group of bathtime-groaners. You most likely won't be thrilled to hear that many veterinarians are now recommending we wash our pooches every week. 
But don't worry, we've compiled a simple list of tips that can make giving your dog & cat a good scrubbing so much easier.

Get Ready, Get Set, It's Bath Time! 
Before you even begin to bathe your pet make sure you have everything you need. This will prevent you from having to stop halfway through the process, and (most likely) chase a wet pet around the house in order to finish. These items include;

● Water-blocking Ointment. Ask your veterinarian for some bland ointment and have he/she show you how to apply it. This helps prevent water from getting in your pup's eyes. 
● Dog & Cat Shampoo. It is not advisable to use human grooming products on dogs as the ph in their skin is much different from our own. 
● Get Towels. Depending on the size of your pet, you may need three or four towels to do the trick; one for creating an anti-slip surface on the tub bottom, one for the inevitable shake-dry dog's & cat's love to do and one for the final dry. If you have a big hairy dog, you most likely will need more. 
● A Bath Grooming Tool. Many companies make specific grooming tools for bathing them. These are designed to loosen dead hair and will also lather up your shampoo (making it stretch further). Plus, your pup will love the massage. 
● Block the Drain. Dog & cat hair is notorious for clogging up drains. To prevent this from happening block it with a bit of steel wool - this captures the fur. 
● Add Warm Water. Before you bring your dog or cat into the bathroom, put enough warm water in the tub to make it effective for the process. This is especially important for reluctant or skittish-bathers.

Bring in the Pooch!
Another thing to do before you bring your pet to the bathing area is to give it a good brushing. This helps release dead and loose hair, and also gives you a chance to work out any matts. 

If you have a reluctant bather on-your-hands, it is wise to put a leash on him and gently guide him to the bathroom. Try not to get frustrated and lose you cool; your pet is already stressed and an angry voice will only make it worse. 
When you and your pet are situated in the bathroom, use a bit of a cotton ball to block your dog's or cat's ear canals. This prevents water from entering in. This is also a good time to apply that ointment we spoke of earlier.

It REALLY IS Bathtime, Now! 
Once you have your canine in the tub, be sure to wet him down to the skin. Next apply the shampoo and work your way from the neck down, creating a good scrub along the way. 

After your pet has been thoroughly shampooed, let the water out of the tub. Now rinse, rinse and rinse some more. Getting all the soap off will prevent itchy, dry skin left over from soap residue. 
Be sure to have your towel ready for the pre-dry shake, holding it just above your pet's body to catch all that flying water. 
Now use another towel to throw over his back, and use yet another to dab at his face. 
Finally, when you've sopped up all the water you can from your pet's fur, blow dry or air dry; whatever is best for you and your pet.

Say Goodbye to the Bathtime Blues! 
Bathing your pet doesn't have to be a dreaded task. Follow these helpful tips to say goodbye to the bathtime blues!

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