Guide for Your Dog to Be Ready for Spring

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What does spring mean to you? If you are one of us that resides in an area that has four definite seasons, spring is a time to put away the snow shovels and grab those comfy sneakers. It's also time for us pet parents to become more aware of what this season means to our canine companions. Read on for a quick guide for your dog to be ready for spring.

Be Flea Ready
The warmer weather spring brings with it is also a cue for those fleas (and other insects) to emerge from their winter slumber - and they will be looking for a blood-meal (aka your pooch). Prevent these biting pests by using a good quality flea product, before they have a chance to take up residence on your dog and in your home.

Say Goodbye to Winter Hair
Many breeds of dogs, especially ones with thick or double coats, will need a good brushing to eliminate the loose and dead fur. Pick a day that you can get outside to groom your dog (it's easier than vacuuming) to remove all that excess fur. Your dog will feel so much better, plus it will reduce the indoor shedding.

Shed Those Winter Pounds
With the colder months we all tend to pack on a few extra pounds, this includes your canine companion. If your pooch got porky, then make a plan to help him get back into shape. Start off with short walks or romps around the dog park to ease him into the routine. As he gets more active up your game with longer or more intense sessions - it'll be great for both of you.

Teach a New Trick
Dogs don't just need physical exercise, they also need mental stimulation. Take advantage of your renewed energy to teach Fido a new trick or command. Your pooch will love the extra attention and his brain workout will keep him from becoming bored.

Safety Proof Your Yard
Loose boards or holes in your fence can both be caused by snow buildup, so get out and inspect these structures to ensure your dog cannot escape. In addition, this is also a good time to go over your outdoor tie-outs and leads to ensure they are still able to do their jobs.

Are You Spring Ready?
Let's bring spring in by being pet prepared. Treat for fleas, groom your dog's fur, exercise, teach a new trick and mend those broken fences. You'll be happy you did before those lazy, hazy days of summer are in full swing.

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