Importance of Pets Wearing Tags

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According to recent studies, only one in three pets wear identification tags regularly. With this in mind, 60 percent of animals in the shelter system are there as strays, and among these, only 15 to 20 percent of dogs and two percent of felines are reclaimed.

The correlation between ID tags, animals picked up and placed into the shelter system, and the low reunification rate between pet and owner is undeniable. So would these numbers improve if all dogs and cats wore ID tags all the time?
We may never know the exact answer to that question, but what this study has shown us is that the importance of pets wearing tags is crucial.

The Importance for Dogs and Cats with Identity Card Pendant 

  • Aside from the obvious if Fido or Fluffy gets lost, ID tags will provide the information a person needs to reunite you with your beloved fur baby.
  • ID tags will also serve to get your pets home in case of a natural disaster. Whether your pet bolted when the disaster struck, or you had to evacuate and leave them behind, proper identification will increase the likelihood that you will get your animal back.
  • If you allow your feline friend outside and she roams into another person’s yard, ID tags will also alert the neighbor that your cat is not a stray.

What Information Should Be on an ID Tag?

  • The most important information that should appear on your pet’s ID tag is your pet’s name, your telephone, and the city you reside in. Some folks include an address if there is room on the tag, and they don’t mind having that information “out there.”
  • If your pet is microchipped, use a separate tag with the microchip company’s name and the phone number.
  • Among these tags, you should also include your pet’s rabies tag as proof that he is up to date on his vaccinations. The number on the rabies tag can also serve as a way to locate you if your fur buddy becomes lost.


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Pet ID IS Important! Don’t be the one out of three pet parents that don’t ID their pet with a tag. If Fido or Fluffy escapes your yard or grasp, your chances of getting him or her home safely greatly increases with the proper identification hanging around his or her neck. 
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